Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is an exciting and fun activity for everyone. Wind speeds of up to 180mph support your whole body in mid air, allowing you to really fly!

The Bodyflight wind tunnel at a diameter of 5m (16.4ft) and a flight area 8m (26.25ft) tall, offers flyers real space to manoeuvre!Producing up to 4000 HP of airflow, our size, power and air quality is unrivalled. All types of flyers are welcome from whether you’re a complete beginner or a world champion.

How does it work?

Bodyflight is a recirculation wind tunnel. Air is drawn up though the central flight chamber by the massive propeller at the top. The air passes the propeller and continues into the ‘Air returns’; these are the hollow walls surrounding the flight chamber. The air travels all the way down to the base of the tunnel where it is directed back upwards again into the flight chamber.

Are you fit to fly?

Flying Sessions are available: Wednesday - Sunday 09:00 - 23:00

2 Flight Experience


Experience 2 Flights - That's the equivalent of jumping out of a Boeing 747 at over 40,000ft (or 3 tandem skydives).

(Off Peak)


4 Flight Experience


Experience 4 Flights - This is like jumping from the edge of space, Higher even than the Stratos project at 125,000ft.

(Off Peak)


Fly With A Friend


Do something that no one would expect! Fly with your friend and your instructors all at the same time! Plus a free digital video of your experience.

(Off Peak)


Family Lesson


Time to create some memories. Get the family together for this amazing experience and share 10mins of tunnel time. Two adults and two children can take part or one adult and three children.


Whether you are an AFF student or have been jumping for years, the tunnel is a valuable training tool. The world's leading formation skydiving teams train using wind tunnels for this very reason. You can practice moves with no time restrictions, and relative reference points to help improve your accuracy.

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Bulk Time

AFF Our instructors can help with all levels of AFF giving you the confidence to progress in the sky.

Available Lessons: (flight rotation times are normally 1.15min)

• 6 Flights - £95.00 (7.5min) • 8 Flights - £125.00 (10min) • 15min Block Time - £175.00 • 30min Block Time

Visit the Pro-Flyer Section to book tunnel time.

Perfect for 4-way Every IPC 4-way block can be practiced in the Bodyflight tunnel.

Free Fly Even air flow at any height in the flight chamber means that dynamic and VRF are no problem, and there is no extra charge for high power (cool right?).

Bulk Time Prices

30 min £350 -
1 hour £690 -
2 hours £680 £1,360
3 hours £670 £2,010
4 hours £660 £2,640
5 hours £650 £3,250
6 hours £640 £3,840
7 hours £630 £4,410
8 hours £620 £4,960
9 hours £610 £5,490
10 hours £600 £6,000

To book or start an account with us call 0845 200 2960.

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